Carina Johansson

I have gone through my life feeling shy, different and not feeling good enough. I have had so many negative thoughts about myself and life itself. Why am I the way I am? Why can´t I be like everybody else? Why does this happen to me? I have had anxiety so many times that I stopped counting. I blamed everything, everybody and most of all myself.

I was a victim of my circumstances. It came to a point one day when I was out walking with my daughter and I got that feeling that she didnt know what she could talk to me about. She was afraid that what she wanted to say was going to hurt me. Right there and then I decided that I had to do someting about it.

I read a book "To feel bad is a good start" by Bengt Stern. In the book he writes about a self-awareness course taking place at this retreatcenter here in Sweden.  I signed up and that was here my journey started. 

Through out the years after this self-awareness course I have attended several other courses about this topic. To the left on this page there are a few listed. Something I learned through the years is that we never can change another person, no matter how hard we want to. So many times I´ve heard  that we have all the answers inside of us and I was thinking that it must be everybody else but not me. Through out the years I have bean seeking and believe me they are inside of us. We only  need the courage to be present in all there is. It is not always easy so sometimes we need to get some help. I am a menthor, massage therapist, a reiki healer and Author among other things. Genom åren efter denna självkännedomskurs har jag gått flera andra kurser inom detta område. 

Through out my journey from were I was to were I am today (from powerless to powerful) it has given me a lot of tools that I am using in my sessions all depending on what you need.

Utbildningar och kurser:

Mullingstorp: "To feel bad is a good start"nAtt må dåligt är en bra början.A selfhelps course in one week. 

Massagetherapist: Daniel Ekholm

Unleash the power within: Tony Robbins i London

Date With Destiny: Tony Robbins i Florida

Universal Heart: A education in menthorship: Jörgen Tranberg

A cool speaker : Catrin Nilsson

Conscious abundanceMedvetet överflöd: Jörgen Tranberg

Authentic Leaderchip program : Connie-Lee Courages Bennett

Nurs : NTI


Source Aligned Life & Leadership Training: In process.

Who do you want to be?

You are what you think and feel about yourself.  What you think and feel is going to be your reality. 

We need to start accepting all parts of us. Yes, both the good and the bad actually. 

We need to have compassion and embrace every part of ourself.

That is  were our healing can start..  Here we can start to choose someting new were we are stuck or feel bad.

I believe from the bottom my heart that we can heal ourself  without external substances.