The guide on how to practice self-love, boost self-confidence, find your voice and use it authentically

Eleven lifecoaches, healers and mentors offer their best techniques to create an abundance life, governed by self-love and self-confidence.

Let their advice guide you on your path to self-discovery, enabel you to find your true voice and use it authentically, as the ultimate form of self-expression.                                                                   

Take the first step to a life filled with health and happiness. Take the first step to YOU.

Find yourself handbook: 19,50 euro

I lecture about how we affect our children not just verbaly and with our body language but with our energy to.With our energy I mean our children feel what condition we are in. 

I am talking about how we can take care of our thoughts and feelings that are stopping us . 

How we can start to accept all parts of us both the ones we like and the parts that we dont like so we can  find our inner calm, our self-esteem, our inner safety, our courage and most of all our love for ourself so everything else can fall in the right place.. 

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