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You can book a session with only Reiki or Reiki with mentoring

If you need to cancel please do that in time so somebody else can get the opportunity. Cancel sessions: at the latest 12 hours before your session.


Physically approx 1 hour: 700 swedish crowns                      

On distance by zoom approx 1 hour:  650 swedish crowns      

We start with a conversation and then you lay down for the reiki healing. 

In the end we have a conversation about how it went through the healing part.

If it is a physically meeting you will decide if its okay to lay my hands on you. You get the same result if it´s physical or not.  

Even if it´s a distant healingsession it works just as well. The energy of reiki goes through time and space.


Physically approx 1,5 hour :1200swdish crowns

On distance by zoom approx 1,5 hour: 1000swedish crowns

We start with a relaxation to let go of our thoughts and get a nice, relaxed feeling in our body. 

Then we get in to a conversation about were you are at in your life right now and if you have any problems etc.

When we come to this part I use my skills that helped me heal . All that you seem to need at this moment. 

Then it is the reiki healing part.

In the end we have a conversation about how it went through the healing part.


A package of six sessions with 

Reiki and mentoring

We meet approx 1,5-2 hours on every occation . We meet physically or by zoom. We meet every third or fourth week. 

Physically 6000 Swedish crowns

Distance by zoom:  5600 Swedish crowns

We start with a relaxation.               

Then we have a conversation about were you are in your life right now. Where you are stuck and have  problems. I use my skills and follow you through the sessions . All this  so you can start to find your inner calm, strenghts, love, self confidence and courage.            

Then it´s the reiki healing part.         

In the end we have a conversation about what arised in the healing. To support you when you get home I give you some skills.     

Between the sessions we have a follow-up conversation.                       

After the six sessions you will have an actionplan. 

We also have another follow-up meeting after a month.

In this package you also will get a copy of the book "Find yourself handbook" that I wrote with ten other european women. 

You can split the payments in three mounth. 

I belive from the depth of my heart that we have all the answers and healing inside of us. Sometimes we need help to see that and to find the keys inside of us.

  • REIKI – How it works

Reiki is a soft yet powerful  and effective treatment when you have pain, stress, anxiety, physical and mental tentions. Reiki works with the bodys natural healing process and refills you energy reserves. This is a method to use in a lot of areas in our modern world. 

What does Reiki mean?

Reiki is Japanese and consists of two words: Rei, that means "Universal" and Ki, that means "lifeforce" corresponding the chinece chi and prana in India. Universal lifeforce referring to the highest known level of energy  that is split in "lower" levels of energy in different context as for example the energy that is used in Tai Chi.  

How does reiki work? 

Reiki works on many levels on the same time as through  physical  contact that activates the" feel good hormones" in the body for example oxytocin and partly through the bodys subtle system of energy on the same way as for example acupuncture and acupressure .Similarities with therapies as the Rosen Method Bodywork that is about painful memories that stores in our body in form of physical tensions and blockage. With contact  the tensions dissolve and the client can let go of what was the reason for the pain from the beginning.

Reiki healing is a holistic metod that proceeds from that our body and psyche is a unity. Thats way the whole body is treated, even if the problem is within a special area.                                                

Reiki can help you with: 


    . Release stress and tensions.

  • Get your body in a total level of relaxation.
  • Balansing the body energy. 
  • Raise and strenghten our flow of energy. 
  • Release energy blockage.
  • Get rid of all of the toxid substances in our body.
  • Increase the degree of consciousness :Clearer thinking! 

  • Increase creativity. 
  • Letting go of emotions  to surface and becoming aware.  consciousness. 
  • Strengthen our bodys ability to heal and rebalance it self.