Break that inner spiral of not being good enough

 Find your inner love, your inner calm, your inner safety, your inner strenght, your inner self-confidence and courage.

Welcome to my page.

My name is Carina! I am a healer , mentor, author and a lecturer.

If you need to cancel please do that in time so somebody else can get the opportunity. Cancel sessions: at the latest 12 hours before your session.

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“I am always greatly looking forward to our reiki sessions with Carina, because she has an amazing way of making me feel comfortable and safe.

Each session gives me a sense of clarity and peace.

Carina has a true gift of helping others, I know that she helped me a lot for sure, especially in releasing blocked negative energies in my body. After every session I feel great!

Thank you, Carina, for your time, your faith in healing, and the love that you always share with me.”